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Haree August 4, 2010 09:59

Fluid structure interaction.

I am learning fluid structure interaction methods in fluent. It would be very helpful if anyone can provide any material with tutorials for simple Fluid Structure Interaction problems. In the availability of any related material, kindly e mail it to


Furui Xiong August 4, 2010 22:51

Can you show a little more detail about your FSI problem?
Actually I'm also working on a fluid-structural interaction problem. I would like to communicate with you about this topic, though I am also a novice. Here is my mailbox:, hope we can help each other.

Robot August 7, 2010 02:56

Dear Sir,

My model is square shape, 2D , simple model .The pink colour represent the reaction between reactant(e.g.glycerol with steam) , with the product (e.g. as hydrogen , carbon monoxide & carbon dioxide). I had key in the reactants & the products already by selecting:

:name the each reactants & products
-Selecting material type : mixture
-Fluent mixture material : mixture-template
-key in all the reactants & products in properties (mixture species : name)
-key in number of mole for each reactant & product in properties(reaction:finite rate)

All the reactants & products can be obtain from the fluent database.

The red one represent the catalyst. I need to create the catalysts (e.g platinum-titanium oxide , platinum-silicon oxide and platinum-aluminium oxide ) . How should I do it?

CAn I directly change the mesh size in the gambit file ,than convert to mesh file ,to be open in fluent software??

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