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shoxan August 6, 2010 12:56

PCM melting inside the Al cavity
Hello, I am modelling heat storage unit for electronic devices. It is basically aluminium enclosure open from the top and filled with phase change material (PCM). Heat sink with PCM heated from the bottom with constant heat flux. I managed how to model the solidification and melting, now I need to model thermal expansion of PCM during the melting. Does anyone knows how to do it? Shall I apply VOF model? There is an air above the PCM as well. So the interface between PCM and air should move up. Thank you in advance for help.

milansojitra August 9, 2018 02:12

i have a same problem,
i am currently doing my master project on the phase change material,at that rectangular 2d model is there and both sidewall and bottom wall is adiabatic and upper wall is exposed to constant temperature of 500 centigrade and my PCM material have liquid temp is 490 and initially set temp is 480 but when i doing post processing there is no liquefaction done so what is the problem in my boundary condition????pls reply fast its a urgent

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