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Richeom August 10, 2010 10:57

Modelling of 2D Wind Turbine Blade (HAWT)
I am relatively new to FLUENT and having difficulty modelling fluid flow over my 2D wind turbine blade geometry.

I see that in FLUENT>Problem Setup>Boundary Conditions, I can select that a particular part be rotating. This seems ideal for me, as I can then set the blade to be moving and adjust wind speed. However, given the geometry that I have, an appropriate axis of rotation would be in the negative direction on the Z axis. Which isn't available to me (I assume because my mesh is 2D).

Can you suggest to me how I might be able to let FLUENT know that my blade is rotating. I don't want to do this in 3D.

Would it be more accurate to use the vector addiction of the wind speed and the blade speed or would this be completely inaccurate?

jack1980 August 11, 2010 04:18


I'm afraid this option might not be what you are looking for. Setting a moving wall will only adjust the zero slip boundary condition of the wall, it will not actually move or rotate your geometry.

For a rotating geometry you might use a sliding grid.

Good luck!

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