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mireis August 12, 2010 06:19

UDF for pressure at outlet
I'm trying to create a UDF function for the pressure at the outlet. I know the mass flow rate and temperature at this point so theoretically my pressure is a function of the velocity at the outlet. Is it possible to implement a UDF function that calculates the pressure as a function of the velocity?

I have tried with this one but Fluent says there is a "parse error".


#include "udf.h"
#define MDOT_OUT 0.000005  /* desired mass flow rate at the outlet  kg/s */
#define S_OUT 0.00000003905707  /* outlet surface in the model where the mass flow rate is MDOT_OUT  m^2 */
#define R 63.32 /* universal constant for gases  J/kg/K */
#define T 300.13 /* temperature  K */
DEFINE_PROFILE(outlet_pressure, thread, nv)
Thread *t;
face_t f;
cell_t c;
real CTE;
real actual_velocity=C_U(c,t);
/* real pressure = C_P(c,t);
begin_f_loop (f,t)
F_PROFILE(f,thread,nv) = CTE/actual_velocity;
end_f_loop (f,t)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreaciated :)

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