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Fluent_user August 12, 2010 16:11

Tribocharging in Fluent?

I am new to Fluent. I hope I don't leave anything out. Any help is appreciated.

I want to use Fluent to do a simulation of a tribocharging paint dispenser.
[A tribocharging paint dispenser uses pressurized gas to force dry particles through a dispenser tube. These solid particles acquire an electric charge through friction as they collide with the dispenser tube's wall, and they are sprayed to paint an object of opposite charge.]

The charge on the paint particles is affected by the number of collisions that occur on each particle as they travel down the tube.

-Does Fluent account for this effect?
-If not, does it track particle collisions, so that it could be incorporated into a UDF?
-And would a UDF be able to be created that would charge the particles as they travel down the inside of the tube, without having to change the collision or wall reflection calculations that Fluent already does?

Thanks in advance!


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