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mundhwam August 13, 2010 13:16

How to generate 3d Wire Screen
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Hello Everyone,
can anyone help me how to create a 3D thin wire screen (see attached picture) ? I want to make stacked multiple wire screens. Fluid will flow through the open space and in the end i am going to study temperature profiles on the wire screen due to the heat transfer from the fluid. Any help, how to draw this kind of screen (see attached picture) in gambit or any other CAD softwares?Attachment 4411

xrs333 August 14, 2010 23:00

What are the dimensions of the temperature profile are you going to study? Are they of the same order of the wire screen mesh, or of the whole screen?

mundhwam August 14, 2010 23:34

Its stack, thus as fluid moves from one end to the other..temp will temp profile is gonna be different in all direction of the screen.

xrs333 August 14, 2010 23:58

The porous media model may be used to simulate the wire screen stack. But properties of the stack are needed, usually they can be acquired from experiment.

mundhwam August 15, 2010 00:01

screen size is not that much fine..its big say 200 openings per cm^2..

xrs333 August 15, 2010 00:27

That very fine a screen. As a numerical simulation method, CFD model need to use a mesh with a adequate resolution, the minimum requirement is that 5 cells for the worst across any flow passage, 10 is preferable, in rather that the passage in the stack is very complex. In a word, to simulate the flow in a stack of wire screen directly is a challenging task for any CFD system.

mundhwam August 15, 2010 00:52

so how can i make the geometry of such a structure?

xrs333 August 15, 2010 01:50

Just as that of bulk flow fluid zone. But you may have to replan your research mission.

mundhwam August 15, 2010 09:04

Thanks for your prompt responses, if you know any, could you provide any reference(s) related to this issue for a starting point. thanks

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