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zdeth August 16, 2010 17:42

Macro Heat Exchanger not selecting (Please help!)

I am trying to make a simple heat exchanger in my 2d rectangle shaped pipe flow model. Since heat exchangers aren't what I'm focusing on in this project, I'd like to implement a very simple heat exchanger model in a specified zone. Basically one where I can tell it what the 'auxiliary' temp. is, and what effectiveness it has for a given primary fluid temp and let fluent work out the rest.

My model is basically a 2d rectangle with simple zones. It doesn't have heat exchanger pipes or tubes going though any region

When I turn on the Heat exchanger model in fluent, I see the three options ( dual cell, ungrouped macro, and macro model group) but the bottom two are greyed out leaving only "Dual Cell Model" available to select.. I tried going though this but it seems to be a lot more elaborate than my model and requires actually making another zone for the auxiliary cooling/heating fluid.

Can someone please give me some advice on Fluents heat exchanger models and why the other two options (ungrouped macro and macro) are not available.

Please, Please, Please! help, On a project and the dead line is approaching, if any of this is unclear please let me know and I'll try to describe it better.

Hear2020 April 28, 2011 05:28

I have the same problem!! I wonder how to solve it.:mad::confused:

samidabest September 11, 2012 13:52

me have also same problem help me

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