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yomanu August 18, 2010 03:32

Particles faster than fluid
Hi ,

The case i am currently working on seems to be quite simple nevertheless i find a probelm which is keeping me from having coherent results.

The case is the flow of a fluid (air) in a pipe . There are heavy particles carried by the flow. When i show the display of the particles velocity i find that the particles reach a higher speed than the fluid which can not be correct.

This problem is delaying me and since it is gonna be soon the end of my internship and I need to solve this problem. Please if someone has ever encountered this kind of problem and have found the solution...

Thanks for your help

xrs333 August 18, 2010 04:04

Hi, yomanu,
We have to know what multiphase flow model is used in the simulation and more detail about the model and the results.

yomanu August 18, 2010 05:10

I don't know which multiphase model would be the best .The guide tell to use mixture or eulerian but i have troubles defining it...and the results still show that the particles are faster than the fluid.

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