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gholamghar August 28, 2010 09:28

modeling thermal resistance in Fluent?
I am modeling a pin fin heatsink with gambit and fluent,is there any way that i can model the thermal resistance between the fins and the base plate of the heatsink? because my heatsink is not made from methods like cold forge,first the base plate is drilled so that some holes are made in the base plate and then the fins are pressed into the holes and because of this there is a thermal resistance between the base plate and fins.any help would be of great appreciations.

xrs333 August 28, 2010 12:07

you can use the so-called thin-wall resistance model, which is set in the wall boundary condition panel, for the modeling of the heat resistance between the surfaces of the fin and the hole in the plate. But the resistance itself must be known.

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