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Neil11 September 2, 2010 03:32

How to save images of contour plots during parallel job

I use Fluent 6.3 and I would like to create and save images of contour plots automatically, when my job is running in parallel on a cluster. The images will then be used to create an animation of the unsteady flow.

The problem is that the job is running without graphic interface. So I cannot use basic commands as display, hardcopy, etc.

I know that another solution consists of saving a data file (.dat) each time I want to save an image and then, post processing the data (for space disk reasons). But this solution does not suit me because it takes too much hard disk space and time.

Have you any suggestions?

Thx in advance

Lawrence September 8, 2010 13:15

I have the same problem with you...
I am using Fluent 12.1..

Let's wait for others' suggestions..

Neil11 September 8, 2010 17:06

Hi Lawrence,

I found the solution (for Fluent 6.3)

Before, i used this command to run my job:
"Fluent 3d -g ... journal.jou
The "-g" disables all graphic tools.

Now, I use this command to run my job and it works...
"Fluent 3d -gu -driver x11 ... journal.jou"
With "-gu", the GUI is disables but not the graphics...
So, you can use, in your journal file, the commands "display", "hardcopy",... to save images. Or you can also create a macro if you don't want to modify your journal file.

bye bye

Lawrence September 21, 2010 17:26

Thanks very much.

You are right...

pranab_jha September 21, 2010 21:10

Thanks Francois... I too had the same question.

pranab_jha September 23, 2010 19:06

Hi Francois,
I tried what you suggested, but did not get the result. I have posted another thread. Pls take a look and suggest.:

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