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kamal_g65 September 16, 2010 20:52

Operating pressure and Reference pressure Location-1
Hi All
1-My problem at inlet have relative pressure equal 784.8 kPa and inlet velocity equal 0.78 m/s. inlet surface center coordinate is A=(-526, -271, 127). With consider that is should determine Velocity-inlet at inlet for B.C (and in outlet B.C is Outflow). Do I enter point A for Reference pressure Location and Operating Pressure equal 101325 Pa? { In other hand, There are not pressure-related boundary conditions(e.g., pressure inlet or pressure outlet) in my problem B.C (because I used Velocity-inlet for inlet B.C and Outflow at outlet). Do I enter (X, Y, Z) coordinates for Reference Pressure Location? (for example, the inlet surface center are (-526, -271, 127), Do I enter same point for Reference Pressure Location?}
2-If we have answers of solution, and then we want to change the Reference Pressure Location (RPL).( primery RPL= 0,0,0 and , now RPL= -526, -271, 127 ). Are correct answers of solution yet? Are possible continuance solution yet?
I am confused. Please help me.

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