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Thiago Combustion September 23, 2010 17:57

How to plot FLUENT contours on MATLAB
I tried the solution first considering the use of meshgrid function, to generate a structured grid for my data, and then griddata to interpolate the new data on the grid generated using meshgrid...

When I try, I have a issue problem related with memory consuming...almost 95% of physical memory to do the referred operation....

Is there anybody here that knows how to plot FLUENT 2D contours in matlab ??

BEst regards !


Sorin October 10, 2013 14:13

Hi Thiago,

I am not sure what are you intending to do:

1. Extracting numerical data from Fluent and then plot the data in Matlab

If you pick the first option you might run out of memory in Matlab, that is expected, since you will have to import the Fluent mesh in Matlab, or at least part of it.

2. Have Fluent plot the data in memory and then displaying in Matlab.

If you pick this option, you should not have any memory issues in Matlab since only the image processed in Fluent is loaded in Matlab memory.

You can follow my post on ANSYS blog to understand the technique:

That post describes plotting the Residuals graphic image in Fluent and displaying it in Matlab

you will have to replace

tui.DoMenuCommand(‘plot residuals’);

tui.DoMenuCommand(‘display contour ...’);



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