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rathish September 29, 2010 23:27

Radiation modeling
Hello every one,
I have been studying the effect of surface radiation on the mixed convection heat transfer through a vertical annulus formed of two concentric cylinders with inner wall uniformly heated and outer wall adiabatic. As far as my problem is concerned, the mixed convection analysis is correct...When radiation is incorporated to the mixed convection, the temperature will definitely decrease. But in my case,the temperature difference between the maximum temperature of the heated wall during mixed convection and that during radiation(with emissivity of inner wall 0.85 and that of adiabatic-0) is found to be above 60 degree celsius...Is it possible? But, the rise in temperature of the adiabatic wall was very very less...That means the heat (drop in temperature) vanishes...Where does this heat go?
Or whether my radiation modeling is wrong.But i have tried s2s,DOM and DTRM models and all these models gave the same result....
Somebody please help me.......

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