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caohan September 30, 2010 08:28

How to define rotational direction for wind turbine
Hi all,

Does somebody can tell me how to define the rotational direction of a wind turbine. I use sliding mesh to simulation the rotation, the axis of wind turbine is defined as (1,0,0). My question is that how to define rotational-axis direction of rotational volume wihch contains the wind turbine, is (1,0,0) or (-1,0,0). because when I set wind turbine and rotational volume with the same direction, I can't see the helical wake.


-mAx- October 4, 2010 02:11

I would say you should set the rotationnal speed with respect of rotation axis

omtango April 19, 2012 10:54

draw a wind turbine
Hi everybody
I am doing a CFD simulation of a wind turbine (Rutland GW530) and I'm struggling because i can't draw it until now on gambit
so please ,
there's anyone can help me ??
I have juste one more month to finish my projet
so pleaaaaase :(

scipy April 20, 2012 08:14

Rutland GW530
Do you have the turbine blade modeled in 3D already? Something like SolidWorks/Catia/Pro-Engineer?

fredyyd October 9, 2012 22:50

turbina fransis
ola quetal estoy realizando una simulacion en fluent en 2d pero no puedo indicar el sentido de giro del flujo de aire dentro de mi turbina si alguien puede ayudarme seria de mucha ayuda gracias...

nkme2007 October 10, 2012 05:43

Hello All,

I want to do analysis of heat transfer from water flowing through pipes submerged inside concrete. I am modelling in GAMBIT and wish to analyse it on Ansys FLUENT.

Can anybody help me out, how to model and simulate?

Does any tutorials exist?

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