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Cbas October 5, 2010 10:09

Drag and wind loading???
I know this may be a simple question but:
I am designing a parabolic trough. I need to know how wind affects it so that I can size a motor. Ie, i need to know the effect that wind has on causing a torque (moment) about its center of rotation.
This is what I've got:
I used a 2D solver.
CFD post I go to
Calculators>function calculator>Function[Max Val]>Location [Upper surface]>Variable[Force]

Am I correct in saying ANSYS calculates this force from a pressure? In which case, is that pressure given per unit depth because its a 2d situation?

So can I just take that max force, assume it acts on the furtherest point(worst case) and calculate my torque?

Thank you

kaabya April 12, 2014 22:25

wind load on parabolic trough
hi there,

I need some help of you expertes .
I am studying wind load on a parabolic solar concentrator at certain angles using Fluent.

I choose to start with the 2D simulation in order to evalate the drag and lift coefficient.

I have some troubles :

1. I don't find a logical drag coefficient value. It seems related to the references values. How can I set up those values in my case ?

2. If the 2D simulation is sufficient to find a good results ?

Thank you for advance :)


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