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MetalSupremacist October 8, 2010 18:46

Importing Solidworks part into ICEM CFD
I used to use Fluent 6 with Gambit. Our school no longer has a license for Fluent 6 or Gambit so I have to use Fluent 12. This switch occurred in the middle of a research/project for me :(

I need to import a model from Solidworks that I've already created into a mesh generator. Currently, I'm thinking ICEM CFD would be a good choice.

ICEM CFD (I can't even import my solidworks model into this. I get various errors depending on which file type i'm attemping to import. But the gist of each one is that it cannot locate the .tin file)

I've seen on other forums to not use IGES or .SAT and to use ParaSolid. I've tried all three and get a similar problem for each.

In Summary,
Which format should I use for ICEM?
How can I get ICEM to import said file without the tetin file error? (create tetin file maybe?)
Is ICEM a good choice for generating a mesh for Fluent 12?


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