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kdrbrk October 18, 2010 05:31

multiple airfoils at once, are they affected?
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To be more practical, I tried to analyze multiple airfoils at once.

I will explain attached pictures:
-There are multiple seperate rectangles.
-Each of them is splitted with different airfoils.
-boundary conditions are first defined, and faces(flow domains) are then seperately defined.(I defined fluid regions differently.)
-mesh is fully tets, with a simple size function (made in gambit)

I am looking for drag and lift coefficients. kw-sst is used.

Now, the question is:

Are the results get affected by others?
I mean, does the flow properties of first one affect second flow domain?

I tried with 4 airfoils at once(lets say airfoils a, b, c, d)
then 2 airfoils at once(a and b),
then other 2 airfoils at once (c and d)
and the results are different for same airfoils...

I can not understand why?

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