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elmcmaster October 20, 2010 10:23

Dasac failure at 400K COPROX
Hi all,

Im doing a simulation in a packed bed for preferential oxidation of CO, though there is a Hydrogen oxidation occuring as well, which has been a source of trouble for temperature.

I think i have tried all ways i can think of to solve the problem, but nothing seems to work apart from when i use the stiff chemistry solver for the pressure based solver.

It keeps printing out that there is a dasac failure at such and such a temperature, then every so often there is a printout of a single iteration, so far it has only managed to do a maximum of five iterations, but the residuals from those five iterations are the best i have seen, no temperature problems.

Beyond this it just prints out dasac failure multiple times continually.

Any ideas about this because the fluent manual returns no results for dasac when searched for

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