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newcomer October 20, 2010 12:58

Modeling porous media with FLUENT
Hi, I am trying to model the flow around a filter in the water with ANSYS FLUENT. The filter only covers part of the water depth.

At the moment, I am trying to construct the geometry and the mesh with ICEM, and import the mesh to FLUENT. However, I have some problems with this work of meshing and mesh export:

1. As the filter was drawn as part of the channel surrounding, when I exported the mesh to FLUENT, in the boundary conditions, I could not find any zone for the filter. May I know if there is any solution to this ? I could not really divide the flow into 2 zones- the inflow part and the outflow part because the filter only extends to part of the water depth.

2. For the thickness of the porous media in FLUENT, I am not sure if I should use the scale of the filter in the real situation... or we should use another specified thickness of the porous media

Besides, I am also looking for some books or some materials that describe the theory of the modeling of porous media in FLUENT and maybe some practical application of this porous medium module (this is the first time I deal with this)...

Your suggestions will be very much appreciated!

bob12 October 22, 2010 04:26

i have worked a little bit with porous media in Fluent, and if you create a zone for your porous media you don't have boundary condiction. the zone for porous media as a fluid so the surface is interior and you setting the zone with the data.
if you don't use a zone for a porous media you can create a surface for simulated this. the boundary condiction is porous jump.

i hope that this is usefull for you
best regards

newcomer November 2, 2010 04:18


Thanks for your suggestions..

Just another question on the problem - coz I am dealing with a flexible filter - I understand that the coefficients for the model may change along the depth (because of the deformation of the filter). The angle of attack (formed by the flow velocity and the normal of the filter) also changes with depth... My understand from the user guide is that porous jump is the simplified form of porous media model with measuring the pressure drop along 1 direction. In such case when I have a deformed filter - can i still apply this model ?

Thanks alot!

bob12 November 5, 2010 08:04

sincerly i don't know. i think that you try with a porous jump because it's more easy to do. if the results don't satisfy, you can pass with the solid porous media.

Best Regards

star machine September 26, 2013 00:08

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can everybody help me?
i'm trying simulation of ventury scrubber with porous media and i have setting all of component porous media in zone condition
but, when i have tried to running this simulation the grafic is fluctuation and not going to convergen
why ? what's wrong abaot my setting?
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