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Will Anderson October 26, 2010 17:26

Dynamic Adaptive Mesh Coarsening
I am using Fluent for calculating a 2D axisymmetric compressible trans-sonic free jet.

My domain is resembles a hemisphere, air jet from left, small length of wall above the jet, outlet is the round boundary above and over the domain, and an axis on the bottom of the boundary. The inlet is a mass-flow inlet, the outlet is a pressure-outlet, and convergence is good, so what am i asking for?
Dynamic adaptive meshing should be used to coarsen the regions of low gradients and refine the areas of high gradients. Every 10 iterations the mesh is adapted.
  1. How can the amount of refining/coarsening be drastically accelerated? Which settings may I toggle to accelerate the adaptive mesh refinement actions?
  2. Which gradients (which flow field variables) should be chosen for adaptive mesh refinement in a 2D free jet case? I considered axial velocity and the refinements done within 10000 iterations are very small. I also tried gradients in static pressure.
Currently, despite the solver "marking 60'000 grid cells for coarsening" there are no changes in the numbers of grid cells before/after adaptation.

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