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Kai_kc October 26, 2010 20:58

Can I solve this problem by Fluent?
Hello, guys.

I would like to simulate multiphase, immiscible liquid-liquid, problem using Fluent.

I read some threads about multiphase problem in this forum, but most of them are gas-liquid multiphase problem.

So, I have some questions.

1. Can Flunet solve liquid-liquid multiphase problem?

2. If can, is VOF method adpatable to this problem?

3. If can't, what code, either commercial or free, is good to simulate immiscible liquid-liquid problem?

4. Last, I working in chemical company, so the fluid in my simulation is the molten polymer (high viscosity, some non-Newtonian properties). As I know, Fluent have some Non-newtonian model like Power law or Cross law. In my problem, can I apply this non-Newtonian model to all liquid in simulation?

Please answer my question ASAP.

Thank you for reading my thread.

nimasam October 27, 2010 05:29

the VOF is general and it can be used for every two immiscible fluids (means two fluids which there is an interface between them) so its not important the fluid is gas or liquid and it has been implemented both in commercial code like fluent or free code like openFoam.

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