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beguxa October 30, 2010 04:52

Post processing: Hard-copy save options and image quality
I am trying to save some images in jpeg format using harc-copy text based options. But the image quality is poor. Moreover I am working in linux environment. 1)How to improve image quality?
2)Does linux/windows environment have effect on image quality?
4)I want to change the font type in the colorscale of contour plots. How to do that and especially from the text based menu?


bob12 November 5, 2010 10:00

i know that are some post-process for analyze the result. i use fluent or in ansys 12.1 the cfd post.
1)however you can improve the quality of the imagine growing the size a box on left-down in hardcopy's windows.
2)i don't know if linux or windows system influence the quality.
3)for change the font in scale you can check in contours plot windows.

vinerm November 7, 2010 12:39

Windows or Linux do not affect the image quality
Quality of image depends on what size you give. When selecting hardcopy and jpeg, you specify size in pixels, too. Specify a minimum of 800x600
Not a lot of fonts can be used, however, whatever options are available are in Display>Options.

Will Anderson November 10, 2010 18:41

Vector graphics are better than rasterizations.
If you specify "postscript", "eps", "pict" or "vrlm" as the output format, and "vector" as the postscript rendering option, then you will receive high definition output. MS Word and Latex will accept eps as a graphic format. If you want to post your fluent graphics on the web, save as "eps" and open that eps in a freeware called "inkscape". Save as an SVG (scalable vector graphics) which most (all?) browsers can open nowadays.

Hope this helps.

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