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Will Anderson November 6, 2010 18:08

Meshing a Mixing Plane using ICEM
I would like to make a mixing plane using ICEM CFD.
Fluent requires that the mixing plane constitute of two parallel and coincident planes. This is the example of a mixing plane in the fluent tutorial.
Two planes of different size, different mesh and different zone but which are entirely on the same geometric plane.

When I try to make a mixing plane in ICEM, ICEM forces the individual surface meshes to share elements, meaning, no parallel coincident planes, rather, a common shared plane.
The blue elements belong to one surface mesh and the green elements to another. These meshes should be separate and on top of each other.
I've tried a lot of things to force ICEM to produce two interior coincident planes which belong to separate zones but nothing has helped. I believe that the step "Repair Geometry / Build Topology" knits the two surfaces together.
Maybe somebody here has made a mixing plane using ICEM CFD.
How did you mesh the mixing plane interface?

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