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Jallen13a November 8, 2010 11:27

Charge Transport for Fuel Cell Applications
I'm trying to simulate a fuel cell setup and would like to get current density on the surface of the cell. Is it possible to do this without the fuel cell module? I've only used Fluent for several months now, but I can't find anywhere to set this up (and perhaps it just isn't available or must be set up by the user)

The reaction I'm looking at is the anodic half reaction for a hydrogen cell

H2 + O^2- --> H2O + 2e^-

Thanks for any insight you can offer.

kitrax April 3, 2012 05:32


I am doing something very similar if not the same. I am modelling a 3-D cell, with channel, GDL and CL (initially investigating the anode). I model the GDL and CL as continuum's in gambit and I wrote a simple (very simple) UDF to define a source (sink if you want to be pedantic) term using the general N = I/2F, for an initial approximation, this is technically a rate of reaction at the boundary.

I entered in the standard reaction under the define section of the program and then called the source term I wrote after compiling it in the boundary conditions under the catalyst layer domain. Initially the model didnt work so I switched off the reaction term and just used my UDF, now I get decent results (I also had to play around with the solver settings).

I hope this helps, I am not sure about some of the details though as I am also still a new masters student and only have been working with fluent for a few months.

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