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mskamran November 9, 2010 10:09

Local Nusselt Number Around Circular Cylinder!
Hello guys,

I am working on 'Flow & Heat Transfer over a circular cylinder''. I am using c-mesh and constant flux (isoflux) boundary condition at the cylinder surface.

Can anybody please tell me how to calcualte 'Local and Average Nusselt Number' at cylinder surface using FLUENT?

I tried to calculate local Nu but it is not in agreement with the experimental results. :(

I would really appreciate your help. Thanks!!!!


laura_c May 8, 2013 04:35

I have the same problem... how did you solve it please?

mskamran May 9, 2013 09:12

Nusselt number
Hi there,

I just used

xy plots > wall fluxes > nusselt number

select the boundary on which u want to plot.

make sure u put the right length in the reference values section.

e.g. if u hv a cylinder of diameter 2 m, set this as 'length' in the reference values.


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