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perdita November 23, 2010 10:15

setting up premixed model for NOx analysis

Im trying to use fluent to set up a simulation for later NOx analysis, and I have a couple of questions. I'm using the 'species transport' option for the species model, as the user guide says that I cant use the 'premixed' option if I want to do a NOx analysis later.

First off, if I look in the settings, for the combustion of methane and air, FLUENT simply has the reaction equation CH4 + O2 -> H2O + CO2 - do I not need to expand this to include a nitrogen term? If I look under the species tab, Nitrogen is listed, but it doesnt show up in the reaction...Also, the user guide for the NOx analysis model say that it will require an input of NO, so Im assuming I should modify the equation?

Second, the equation is balanced for stoichiometric conditions, but combustion is taking place at a low equivalence ratio - do I need to change the stoichimetric coefficients? Or is there a different way to take it into account?


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