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Benjikos November 23, 2010 19:07

Rotor / Stator : Modeling flows with rotating reference frame
Hi everyone!

I try to model the rotation of a cylinder (with roughness:look at the attached picture) inside another cylinder (smooth et non rotating) with the purpose of extracting a frequency spectrum of static pressure on the non rotating cylinder wall.

My simulation is 2D and unsteady to record the static pressure change.

The record probe will be at a fixed point on the stator wall.

I would like to know which model is the most accurate in this case (SRF, MRF, MPM ou SMM) ?

Best regards!


siri November 24, 2010 02:49

is this a cfd problem ? is there fluid in the annular region ? how is frequency spectrum analysis relevant to flow simulation ?

Benjikos November 24, 2010 04:25

Yes it's a CFD problem, there is a fluid annular region between cylinders.

It's a frequency spectrum (static pressure) generated by the rotation of 'steps' (on the rotor) in the annular region.

Benjikos November 24, 2010 11:04

Another view of the geometry.

I try to record the unsteady pressure signal on the outer cylinder (fixed).

Benjikos November 25, 2010 11:35

Nobody knows how to use the Sliding mesh Model in Fluent? What's the methodology? ;)

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