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eshimshi November 24, 2010 12:53

Remote Desktop problem
I work on remote computer from home using Remote Desktop.
It works fine, except that at some point when I try to display contours the graphic display hangs. Then all the desktop icons disappear together and start reappearing one by one. This cycle repeats itself until I give up and close the connection.
When I restart the connection the problem might go away or persist.
This happens from different computer (and versions of windows) and on different remote computers so it's not hardware specific. It only happens with Fluent and it's very annoying.
Anyone has an idea how to solve it?

shohin November 24, 2010 13:00


i have the same problems but not only with fluent. Also, ICEM CFD or 3matic.
unfortunately, i can not provide you with an answer, but lets hope together that someone has an explanation on how to overcome this problem.

i assume it is a problem of the graphics via remote desktop (you are using the windows build in remote desktop, i assume?!)...maybe one should try commercial remote desktop software like the one from HP, for example.

KristianEtienne November 24, 2010 17:22

For my part, I solved this issue by changing the graphics driver which FLUENT uses by default. Write the following in the TUI:
(cx-set-graphics-driver) opengl

which changes from the default driver to opengl. For my part, this works from both OS X and Windows based RDC´s.


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