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ferranpm December 8, 2010 12:33

Naca 0012 Cd Test
Hello people!

I want to test the profile NACA 0012 for differents alfa and compare the results with experimental and XFoil graphics. It should be simple, but my results are not satisfactory:

ro= 1,225 Kg/m^3
Mu_air=1,75*10^5 Kg/(m*s)

with these Data, i obtain the differents velocities (in m/s):

Re=200K -> vs= 2,8
Re=500k -> vs= 7,102
Re=3M -> vs=42,612
Re=6M -> vs=85,224

For alpha= 0°and different viscosity theories:

Spall. Alm. K-E Stndrd K-w SST Trans.flow X-Foil(=Exper.)
cd 3.31*10^(-2) 6.2*10^(-2) 3.32*10^(-2) 5.08*10^(-3)

K-E Stndrd K-w SST Trans.flow X-Foil(=Exper.)
cd 2.1*10^(-3) 1.73*10^(-3) 5.4*10^(-3)

Spall. Alm. K-E RNG K-w SST Trs.flow X-Foil(=Exper.)
cd 6.4*10^(-5) 1.5*10^(-4) 3.14*10^(-4) 1.02*10^(-2)

For Low-Re I thought that K-omega sst could be better than K-Epsylon, but I don't see a good result...anywhere :( (the mesh is good, from the profes.)

Thank you for your help!


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