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leonozx December 15, 2010 14:31

Models for Erosion in Slurry Pipe
Hi people,

I new in Fluent and need some advice.

I wan to simulate erosion in pipe and alot ppl been using discrete phase model, DPM to simulate slurry pipe. thought which come with erosion model but the model do not seems suitable for me and i dun understand why they are all using it.

Is Eulerian model or mixture model able to simulate erosion in pipe. The main idea is to simulate sand or stone transport by the pipe and show pipe thinning.

Is there anyone who can give advice on this please.


adeban May 25, 2011 10:28


There are a few model variations for Eulerian erosion models. However, they arent as well documented and tested as the DPM model.

I did some work on this during my Ph.D. and back then they didnt really predict the angular behaviour correctly for all impact angles. The models generally originate from a particulate phase dissipation next to the wall.


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