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nwalters December 15, 2010 21:51

Total mass flow/flux through a plane problem
I'm using fluent 12.1.4 and I'm having a problem getting the mass flow through a plane. In my model I have a plane which has mass flows through it in two directions. When I set up the surface integral on the plane it will give me the net mass flow as very close to zero because of continuity but I cannot determine the total flow or flux that is occuring. What is the best way to approach this problem.

A picture of the problem:

The plane i need for the mass flow (bulk) or flux is in red. (There is no pressure outlet at the bottom of the hopper so flow is forced to come back up through the plane).

skris2009 December 18, 2010 13:23

You can try this:
- Write out the velocity values on the plane (through export option in fluent)
- Open the file in Excel and perform a surface integral yourself. (separately for the positive and negative values)
- Use the average velocity values (both +ve and -ve) to compute two mass fluxes.

Or if you just want to know which direction flow is occurring, then just the net positive or negative velocity should suffice (if your flow is incompressible).

Hope this helps.

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