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ken December 23, 2010 07:50

bubble column
Hi, I am still new to fluent and would like to seek advice on the simulation.

Currently, I would like to simulate 3D bubble column with VOF. My dimension of the column is height=60cm, diameter=20cm. My mesh size is around 60k cells, is that sufficient to capture the bubble formation? Can I actually get the 3D fluent tutorial from online? I know there is one for 2D bubble column, but for 3D, I am trying to get the animation for the bubble formation. Anyone can give me some advice?

I know that I have to specify surface tension, and I search online the normal value would be 0.072N/m2, is that right? What velocity do I need to set?

I think bubble column is not a hot topic and the simulation has been done for years. If you have one, do you mind to share your experience and result?

hossein65 June 30, 2013 01:18

60k mesh is too fine, you have to set the mesh size according to the hole size of the sparger. but as a default, I usually set the mesh size to 1mm. 0.0735 for surface tension would be fine.

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