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marwa December 25, 2010 13:16

chlorination mixing with water
i am traying to make simulation for the chlorine dosage in treated water in baffuled tank by using fluent 5/6 (2ddp) but if i try to adjust the velocity for the inlet 1,2, i got wrong out flow balance.if i try to adjust the flow to get wright flow balance and cl2 concentration i get different velocity than the actual. i donot know how to match between flow rate and velocity to get the write concentration for cl2 in the water.could any body help???

fth March 13, 2013 20:51

Hi all
does anybody know if Fluent is cable to model water distribution system Hydraulic features as well as water Quality (such as disinfection decay).

msaeedsadeghi March 14, 2013 01:45

Yes, it is possible. Just share a sample paper of modeling it using CFD to propose how to model it in ANSYS FLUENT.

azna November 14, 2014 14:17

I would like to simulate a multiphase flow ( air/water) model with fluent, however i don't know that it is possible to add contaminants to water in Fluent. for example instead of having pure water, i would like to add nitrogen to water and simulate it with fluent .

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