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winnawinna December 29, 2010 00:32

problem about periodic boundary condition in Fluent
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I know how to set periodic boundary in gambit and fluent, however I'm still confused about the application of periodic boundary.

1. In fluent there is only one periodic boundary displayed instead of a pair. For example one named A, and i can't find someone like A_shadow. Does it means that the information of the corresponding surface of the periodic boundary should be exactly the same?

2. Can I just simulate a section of a long channel, and set the inlet and outlet as a pair of periodic boundary? There is constant heat flux from bottom of the channel. However due to the energy input, the temperature of the inlet and outlet must be different. Refer to Question 1,I can only find one periodic boundary.

3. In fluet Tutorial Guide Example 2, my case is just like it.And in fluent help, it also said can process the problem of Streamwise-periodic flow with heat transfer. It use a scaled temperature to describe the periodic problem. And i can only find T(r), could not find T(r+L).

U also can response to my mailbox or ~ Thx!

picture 1: the fluent help of ansys v12. In 13.4.2 is the Theory of how to process the Streamwise-periodic flow with heat transfer.

picture 2: the bc of my case in fluent. Highlight is the periodic bc. As can be seen, there is only on surface.

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