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gandesk December 29, 2010 13:33

help with setting up non-newtonian model
Hello all,

I am trying to simulate a two phase vof model in which one of the phases is a polymer and the other is air. When i try to define viscosity of the polymer in the properties table with non-newtonian powerlaw model, at the end it says that

"Note: Enabling energy equation as required by material density method. " and the solver is automatically enabling energy equation which I dont want to. I just want to simulate the fluid mechanics part of the case.

Please help me what wud be the problem??


ComputerGuy December 29, 2010 18:32


Depending on the model you choose for non-Newtonian behavior, a reference temperature is required. If a reference temperature is required, the energy equation must be enabled.

Please look at the Fluent manual (section 8.4.5) and you'll be able to see which non-Newtonian models require a reference temperature


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