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MASOUD December 30, 2010 01:21

Fluent does not work
Hi Guys,

I came across a problem when I tried to open Fluent, you may find it below.
Any idea? What is wrong?

Welcome to ANSYS FLUENT 12.0.16

Copyright 2009 ANSYS Inc.
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized use, distribution or duplication
is prohibited. ANSYS and FLUENT are trademarks or registered trademarks
of ANSYS, Inc. or its subsidiaries in the United States or other countries.

Loading "C:\PROGRA~1\ANSYSI~1\v120\fluent\fluent12.0.16\li b\fl_s1119.dmp"

Cannot find license file.
The license files (or license server system network addresses) attempted are
listed below. Use LM_LICENSE_FILE to use a different license file,
or contact your software provider for a license file.
Feature: fluent
Filename: C:\PROGRA~1\ANSYSI~1\v120\fluent\license
License path: C:\PROGRA~1\ANSYSI~1\v120\fluent\license
FLEXnet Licensing error:-1,359. System Error: 2 "No such file or directory"
For further information, refer to the FLEXnet Licensing End User Guide,
available at "".

ANSYS LICENSE MANAGER ERROR:Could not connect to any license server.
The server is down or is not responsive.
FLEXlm Servers: 1055@

Hit return to exit.

afnene December 30, 2010 20:13

Check your licence file or re-install it

tmeysam92 April 8, 2012 10:07

I have the same problem
I have the same problem.
did you find your answer.
please help me????

Daniel Tanner April 9, 2012 07:45

Fluent cannot find your license file! It does not say that it has expired just that it can no longer be found. Did you move it?
To look for it you can right click on the "my computer" icon on your desktop -> Advanced tab -> environmental variables. Then find the LM_LICENSE_FILE variable and check the directory is correct (go to it and look for the file).

Hope this helps.

tsram90 April 9, 2012 13:23

If you are sure that you have a valid license file and everything is done as given in instructions, You can go to

C:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\Shared Files\Licensing\winx64

And run all the .exe files present there. This turns on all the servers. And you might get lucky.

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