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svp December 30, 2010 14:25

Interrupting a Journal File
Hi All,

I am working with the legacy version of FLUENT and have been trying to use journal files for automating my simulations. I had a small question with regards to usage of journal files.

Is there a way to interrupt a journal file while it is running, check a few things (verify contours etc.) and continue running the journal file from where it was interrupted?

I do understand that pressing Ctrl+C would interrupt the process but how do I revive the journal file from the point of interruption?

I would appreciate your response.


makula February 16, 2011 08:10

somewhat helpful to you could be placing a scheme command (cx-pause), which will wait for you to press any key (as was described in This, however does not allow you to check contours or anything (GUI is inactive).
As I am now solving the same problem now, I found a command
(if (= (read) 1) (display "...continue simualtion") (ti-menu-load-string "/exit"))
which could be helpful eg. after Grid check (if anything goes wrong, you simply quit Fluent and can then fix the problem). HOWEVER- this works good, if you simply type this to Fluent's command line. If you on the other hand write exactly the same in a journal file, it does not work. I tried a more complicated version of
(rp-var-define 'a 0 'integer #f)
(display "One for continue, other for exit")
(rpsetvar 'a (read))
(if (= (rpgetvar 'a) 1) (display "...continue simulation") (ti-menu-load-string "/exit"))
but again- typing it works, but reading it from journal causes error.
So, I recommend you (cx-pause), but if anyone could make this (if) sequence work, I would also be grateful;-)

svp February 16, 2011 09:00

Thank you for your reply. I shall give it a try and see.

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