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svp January 4, 2011 09:25

Boundary condition verification
Hi All,

How does one ensure that a specified boundary condition is being implemented as required in FLUENT? For example, if I have an annulus with the inner cylinder rotating at 500 rpm, is there a way to verify that the angular velocity of the inner cylinder is in fact 500 rpm during the post-processing stage (i.e. after a solution has been obtained)?

While using the "Report-Summary-Boundary Conditions" option in FLUENT, it was observed that even though an angular velocity of 500 rpm was specified (by changing units from rad/s to rpm) for that particular boundary, the report file listed the angular velocity to be 52.3599 rpm (instead of rad/s). Is this just a mis-print problem inherent to the software or has the angular velocity not been used right in the calculations? How would I know?

I would appreciate any response.

Thank you.

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