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E61 January 5, 2011 09:13

Boundary Profile
Hello everyone!

Itīs just a simple question I have:

I divided the geometry which I want to simulate into 2 parts:
A Fuel injector and the part downstream of it.

At first I simulated the injector, and the idea was, that I write out a velocity profile shortly behind the injector at a desired location, and use that profile as the inlet bc for the 2nd part of the geometry.

Both the face of the 1st and the one of the 2nd geometry file where I want to write out the profile have the same extensions and even the same cell density (I think only the face should be the same, fluent should be able to interpolate between nodes).

Well, when I read in the desired profile and declare the x,y,z components at the inlet, I simply want to see this profile in order to check :)
But that doesnīt work...
In the manual they say the following:

"Once the profiles have been specified, the boundary conditions have been saved ( OK'd), and the flow solution has been initialized, you can view the inlet profile as follows:
For 3D calculations, use the Contours panel to display contours on the appropriate boundary zone surface. The Node Values check button must be turned on in order for you to view the profile data. If the data shown in the contour plot do not agree with your specified profile, this means that there is an error in the profile file."

..thatīs what I did, but I donīt see the profile.
When I initialize the solution, I see uniform values and not the profile.

So, is anybody familiar with that?

Regards, E61

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