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sixfor January 6, 2011 14:40

Fortran to Fluent
Hello everyone,

Sorry if my question sounds silly to most of you, i have sets of point need to be plotted in gambit, however i found this job very tedious to me, since it contains hundreds of point to be plotted, then i came across with an idea if i can create a program in fortran/c++ that reads all the points, plot, mesh it and solve it in fluent, i would be grateful if you can guide me, share some knowledge in this matter since i am very new to cfd, i started learning cfd last 3 weeks because my final year project title is all about cfd

DoHander January 6, 2011 21:49

I'm afraid you didn't described clearly your problem ...
What exactly are you trying to achieve in Gambit ? By the way Gambit is intended for mesh generation and not for plotting results.
Please give more details about what you need and maybe someone will be able to point you in the right direction.

montag dp January 8, 2011 16:06

If you just want to read in the points for geometry generation in Gambit, it's simple enough to do. Use Import > ICEM Input and select your file. However, there are some formatting requirements. The format that has worked for me for 2D geometries is:

(Number of points per edge) (Number of edges)
(x1 edge 1) (y1 edge 1) (z1 edge 1)
(x2 edge 1) (y2 edge 1) (z2 edge 1)
(x1 edge 2) (y1 edge 2) (z1 edge 2)
(x2 edge 2) (y2 edge 2) (z2 edge 2)
(x1 edge 3) (y1 edge 3) (z1 edge 3)
(x2 edge 3) (y2 edge 3) (z2 edge 3)

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