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zeppelin101 January 14, 2011 11:17

Port flow modelling in FLUENT
Hi everybody!

I'm studying Mechanical Engineering and I'm in my final year writing my dissertation on the design and analysis of a single cylinder optical engine engine cylinder head.

I haven't been using FLUENT/Gambit very long and I've hit a bit of a speed bump with regard to modelling the problem in FLUENT.

The engine is running at full load so the pressure at the inlet port is 1bar, and I have some pressure data from a very similar engine. What I can't seem to achieve having played around with the various boundary conditions in the software is the right behaviour in the cylinder based on the pressure difference between the inlet port and the cylinder pressure.

So far, I've got the inlet port set up as a "pressure inlet", but I'm having some difficulty defining the cylinder as an entity with a specific pressure. With the types I've used so far, I either can't input pressure data into FLUENT, or the flow leaves the cylinder through the piston!

I've probably missed something quite obvious so far, but I'm very much a novice with the software so please bear with me...

Thanks for reading my spiel! :)


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