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jcd84 January 24, 2011 14:34

Fluent Temperature Profiles
Hi I'm working on modeling 2-d bouyancy induced air flow (natural convection) using the ideal gas law for density and running a transient simulation to steady state.

For temperature boundary conditions on surfaces, I created *.prof files with several points matching the surfaces of the mesh. I loaded them and set them to be the temperature boundary condition for the appropriate surfaces. I set interpolation to "least squares."

I created point surfaces in the model to match each point in the temperature profile files. When I run the simulation and get the results, the temperature at each of these points is slightly off. IE, the profile might be 330.0 at one end to 335.0 K at the other and the results show the temperature as 229.1 to 333.9 K.

Has anyone run into this before? I need to improve the accuracy, but I don't know why the boundary conditions are off. I don't think it is due to interpolation, because the points are very precise and the mesh is fine at the boundaries. Thanks in advance for any help.

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