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tomcatbobby January 25, 2011 18:02

Free Stream Temperature in natural convection problem

I've seen quite a few posts asking this questions with regards to modelling natural convection?

By the definition of free stream temperature that I understand-surely it is always changing and cannot be considered constant for modelling natural convection?


ComputerGuy January 26, 2011 23:48

When you're modeling natural convection, you won't specify the boundary condition at the solid/fluid interface -- it's coupled heat transfer. The free-stream temperature you're citing is associated with a forced convection boundary condition.


tomcatbobby January 27, 2011 06:41

I dont understand how I would set this up then. At the moment, I have two BC's. One for the wall's which is a convection coefficient and I this is where I thought I would need to to put the free stream temperature. The other BC is for the heater which is set at a fixed temperature.


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