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s_lab January 26, 2011 17:39

How do I create a simple cylinder with a mesh
Very simple question! I need to generate a simple cylinder with a mesh and save it as different mesh sizes. I also need to generate half a cylinder and a quarter of a cylinder at different mesh sizes.

I need the size of of the cylinder diameter to be 1, and the length 20.

I am very new to gambit and need some help. Can anyone guide me to where I can find a tutorial or help me out?


-mAx- January 27, 2011 03:08

in volume panel, you can direct build a cylinder. (icon with the brick)
In fact there are otherkinds of volume, if keep pushing mouse-click on this icon.
For half and quarter, you create surfaces (rectangle with measures greather than your cylinder) and you can split your volume with this surface (use move icone in surface for placing the planes right on symmetries)

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