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Multiphase Convergence Problem using VOF in ANSYS 13
Hi all,
I am Currently working on the Project Called Hydroplanning using Multiphase (Air and water) using VOF Method.My basic goal is to find the Lift and drag forces of the Air Plane Landing wheel which is moving in radial direction and between the ground which contains layer of the water 2 cm thick.Now ground Air and Water all are moving with Same Speed. .I have two fluid here one is Air and the other is Water.But the Problem is that my Solution is not getting Convergence.I have run it for days and days and it goes on without getting Convergence.So please tell me how to get that.What i did is
1-Created A tyre of .60m dia.
2-Created Enclousre arround it.
3-I keep the tyre 2cm from the ground(that is the layer of water)
4-Then i did Meshing using Patch conforming Method.
5-I did Name Selection.I Selected only one inlet for both Air and Water.
6-In Setup i Selected VOF/Implicit...
7-Selected boundary Conditions
8-i Selected very Short time Steps of .00001 and No of time Steps 1000.

I really apprciate your feed back.

k.baker January 28, 2011 03:22

May u send illustrated plot for your geometry and BC to get better understanding of your problem.

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