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ssamton January 31, 2011 04:07

wall boundary condition in UDF
hi everyone

i'm UDF user and beginner.

it's very simple problem and just check the results.

30 * 56 rectangular domain

left, right wall is adiabatic conditions

bottom wall is constant temperautre at 373K

top wall is convective boundary condition with h=5 W/m^2, T_infinite = 298K.

1. if energy equation in fluent, it's too easy. just set up the h & T_infinite.

2. this is my question.
i want to use udf and hope that get a same result which uesd energy equation in fluent.

also, i don't know about heat flux at top wall. therefore, i don't wanna use "DEFINE_PROFILE" subfunction.

anyone know this problem??

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