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davesmith_01 February 1, 2011 11:15

Flapping wing rotation in Fluent 3D not working properly
I dont unuderstand the rotational method in Fluent it does not make sense.

I am trying to model a flapping wing in 3D and I cant seem to understand whats wrong. I am very confused.

I choose to rotate about the x(flapping) and z(pitching) axis and set this up via UDF and even my profile coordinates and there is motion about the y axes all the time.

Then to make matters worse, if I rotate about the x(flapping), y(deviation), and z(pitching) axes at the same time the x axes rotation is fine, but the wing seems to rotate about the y axis in a way that it wants to and rotates about the z axis with some form of accuracy, basically I think the rotation axis in fluent maybe set in a certain way, but I dont understand what it is and how I can solve my problem(s).

Could someone please help with this, I have tried so many times to solve this but cannot do it.

Please help


quantum.tejas February 13, 2011 21:35

Same problem
Hi dave

I am having the same problem in FLUENT. were you able to solve the problem you were facing?

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