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Amir February 7, 2011 09:02

access node values in UDFs
Dear friends,
I want to access node velocity components of cells in domain by UDF, but it seems that such functions do not available ! am I right ? Any idea ?

Thanks in advance.

ComputerGuy February 7, 2011 20:16


I may be mistaken, but I believe most values are computed and stored at cell and face centroids, not node values (or, if they are, it's only temporarily stored).


Amir February 8, 2011 03:12

Thanks for your response,
If you look at mem.h library file, you can find various functions than can retrieve node values e.g. node velocity like NODE_VELOCITY and etc.
But their values are not reasonable.

DoHander February 8, 2011 09:40

A possible solution, just an idea, will be to get the values at the cell centers surrounding a node and then you can interpolate the value at the node. There a few interpolation formulas for this, one developed by Frink is based on the inverse distance from the node to the surrounding cells center of gravity.


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