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Rockda February 7, 2011 12:45

Question about the best way to model water jet impingement on a heated surface

I’m working on the modeling of the water quench of steel pipes by coupling Fluent and a finites elements software. The critical part of the study is the “Fluent “one because the pipe behaviour is conditioned by the heat flux obtained around him during the quench (which will vary according to a lot of parameters).

Right now I’m trying to figure what is the best way to model the water jet impingement on a heated surface. It seems to me that using Eulerian model is the best choice to model what happens at the wall (convection, nucleate boiling (using UDF)), but this model is not appropriate anymore to model the free surface between water and air far from the wall. VOF would be more appropriate for this.

So I would like to know if some of you have some experience in this kind of modelling and what would be the better configuration? Is it possible to use VOF and Eulerian model at the same time (like using DPM and VOF which is common).


Amir February 7, 2011 16:07

I just have a point in turbulence modeling of such these cases (jet impingement). As I know v2-f is the best turbulence model that included in FLUENT 12 and newer.

hamdy February 27, 2011 10:52

i am working on similar point, i used vof. the first problem is the number of phases, i think it should be 3 (water+vapor+air). i do not know how to correlate it together. i think we need UDF for boiling form water to vapor. Regrading eulerian, i found problem applying it. i am still working let us be in touch.

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