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morteza08 February 12, 2011 06:09

V2F Turbulence model
Hi all
I am modelling an impingement jet in according to an article. in the article author said that he used v2f model in fluent for simulating the flow.
but i do not know how can i use this turbulence model.
does this need writing udf?
plz help me

Amir February 12, 2011 09:37

Hi Morteza,
it doesn't need. it's included in FLUENT 12 and 13.

morteza08 February 12, 2011 18:45

Amir... I can't find this in fluent 12.
I am a newbie in fluent. plz tell me where i can find it?

Amir February 13, 2011 08:36

note that it's also included in TUI of FLUENT 6.3 .
simply you can type this scheme command: (allow-v2f-model)
also refer to:

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